Richard  Logan, Jr., PharmD

Richard Logan, Jr., PharmD

Dr. Logan, Jr. is originally from, and currently resides in Charleston, MO. He received his B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and his PharmD from Creighton University. He and his son Tripp are co-owners and pharmacists at L&S Pharmacy in Charleston, and Medical Arts in Sikeston, MO.  In early 2013, they launched MedHere Today, a Nashville, TN based pharmacy quality consulting firm.  Their mission is to help health care stakeholders expand and grow their quality initiatives by leveraging the true value driven by community pharmacies.  That mission continued in December of 2017 with the launch of the community pharmacy industry's first service driven GPO, ESPhA.

Dr. Logan, Jr. is also a graduate of the Southeast Missouri State University Law Enforcement Academy. In late 2017 Richard retired as a 25+ year Certified Police officer in the State of Missouri where he was a lead investigator for the Scott-Mississippi County Prescription Drug Task Force.  He is a frequent contributor to NCPA's American Pharmacist Journal, writing on law enforcement and drug diversion issues. Dr. Logan spent his law enforcement time investigating drug diversion, and educating law enforcement officers in drug diversion investigation techniques.

He was the recipient of NCPA's Drug Safety Award in 2000 and again in 2009. He is also the 2009 recipient of the Missouri Pharmacy Association Innovative Pharmacy Practice award. Richard has been recognized for his work in variety of national publications ranging from the New York Times to Al-Jazeera.  Dr. Logan currently serves as a subject matter expert with the National Quality Forum (NQF) and has most recently been invited to testify before both state and federal sub-committees to discuss opioid use, opioid abuse, and the positive role community pharmacy can play in solving this national issue.