Why Should I Be Interested In Insurance Benefit Design?

Reason #1: Take back control of your patient’s pharmacy benefits so they are encouraged to use their preferred LOCAL Pharmacy.

Reason #2:  ESPhA believes the best way to drive patients back to LOCAL pharmacies, LOCAL primary care, and LOCAL service providers, is to fully replace the LOCAL employer’s insurance benefit, with a better, more transparent, LOCAL option. Our LOCAL provider growth strategy is anchored in transparency, laser focused on overall cost savings, and powerfully driven by LOCAL management of LOCAL patients.

Why Can’t I Just Go Sell Services To Employers?

ESPhA understands that pharmacies provide cost reducing, outcomes improving services that are valuable to employers.  The problem is, our health care system is very complex and most employers need more than pharmacy services in their benefit design.  They need prescription dispensing, medical coverage, catastrophic coverage, wellness services, analytics, etc.  To engage employers, pharmacies actually need a pharmacy friendly “Benefit Package”.  That’s exactly what ESPhA has created for you to use LOCALLY.

What Does The Benefit Package Look Like?

ESPhA has partnered with pharmacy friendly benefit experts to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together to form a LOCALLY focused, cost saving, outcomes improving employee health benefit.

Our benefit design mission is to use your LOCAL employer relationships to open LOCAL doors for our partners (& you) to offer recommendations to replace their existing benefit (typically not LOCAL pharmacy friendly) with a new, LOCAL,  pharmacy friendly benefit design.

Transparent Pharmacy Benefits through our partner Medical Benefit Manager (MBM not PBM)
Transparent LOCAL Medical Benefits through our pharmacy friendly TPA(s)
Transparent, LOCALLY FOCUSED benefit designs through our benefit design experts

How Can ESPhA Help You?

We help you use YOUR LOCAL relationships with LOCAL employers, LOCAL municipalities, LOCAL school districts, etc. to introduce cost saving, pharmacy friendly, LOCALLY focused benefit designs.  You don’t have to be the expert, just use your relationships to introduce the experts to the employer benefit decision makers.  The desired result is LOCAL employees using LOCALLY preferred pharmacies and providers for LOCAL prescriptions and services at acceptable reimbursement rates.

Want to Learn More?

Accessing this ESPhA service is FREE to pharmacists and pharmacy owners, and we do the heavy lifting.  All you have to do is sign up with ESPhA (below), and we’ll then help you qualify your LOCAL employer targets. Our experts take it from there, while keeping you and your pharmacy at the table.