Why Hearing Aids & Why Now?

In the past, patients had to go to the audiologist for help with mild to moderate hearing loss.  Today, with The FDA Reauthorization Act of 2017 (FDARA), patients can shop for hearing aids IN YOUR PHARMACY over the counter!

Who Else Is Selling Hearing Aids OTC?

Mass merchandisers and online vendors using DO IT YOURSELF hearing tests.  Their strategy is to place these devices close to the pharmacy department or online and let the consumer figure it out.  Through in pharmacy hearing screenings, OUR STRATEGY allows you and your staff to capitalize on your patient & provider relationships to drive hearing aid purchase and utilization.

Why Is Our Hearing Evolution Model Better?

Through marketable, in pharmacy hearing screenings, ESPhA helps you train YOUR STAFF to use YOUR TRUSTED RELATIONSHIPS to help YOUR PATIENTS find the best hearing aids for them, at the best price.  ESPhA is here to help you use this enhanced service offering to drive more patients into YOUR PHARMACY for this unique and profitable enhanced service.

What Does Hearing Evolution Look Like?

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