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The Enhanced Service Pharmacy Alliance (ESPhA) is the pharmacy industry’s only next-generation Sourcing and Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). ESPhA’s mission is to foster an alliance of like-minded, quality-driven, patient-focused pharmacies, facilitate the acquisition of competitively priced medications, patient care products, and innovative services, all while providing support and quality assurance for the pharmacies’ non-traditional, enhanced service-based revenue opportunities.

ESPhA’s leadership team has a long and diverse history of experience throughout pharmacy and the pharmacy supply chain channels. Additionally, ESPhA has partnered with progressive industry leaders to offer community pharmacies the most aggressive, diverse, and comprehensive support system in the pharmacy industry. ESPhA’s unique product and service sourcing strategies create opportunities for pharmacists to look beyond the prescription counter, past the day-to-day struggle with reimbursement and DIR issues, and focus on the future of their pharmacy practice.

Meet the Team

Julie Walker : Director, Client Services
Director, Client Services
David Smith, MBA : Director, Client Programs
Director, Client Programs
Jay Henderson : Director, Analytics
Director, Analytics

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